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The 2-Step Process for Ultimate Wordpress Setup within 2 hours

Buying domain and hosting is only first step!

Once you have decided to launch you blog/website, buying the suitable domain & hosting is the first step.

(psst, if you plan it well, then you get free domain of your choice too! )

You need to first choose the right hosting solution. Once you have decided that, you need to have couple of choices for domain name: Know how to choose a domain name that suits your purpose

Then the next step: Installing Wordpress.

Every good hosting solution, provides 1-click install of Wordpress, but that is not sufficient

As per recent best practices of successful blogs, you need to spend at least few hours to set up your Wordpress installation in right way.

The good news is: We provide absolutely free service of setting up your Wordpress in perfect way. With all the settings done, plugins installed and *free premium CDN thrown in.

The catch: You need to buy your hosting  solution using our affiliate link from 'any' of our hosting partners. [They are the best in the market and offer best value of money solutions]. We get paid as affiliate when you signup with them, with no extra cost to you.

We use Wordpress on nearly all our website projects.  It still takes around two hours for us set these things up (including testing each factor). 

The reason being, to make Wordpress as awesome as it can be, you need to set it up. This means, changing default settings, SSL setup, installing right mix of plugins, setting up plugins. And then testing all of it. 

With Google's current focus on mobile first web and optimized fast loading websites, it has become basic requirement of a website to comply with these guidelines. 

Along with these there are certain settings, which effect On Page SEO of your new website.

So, this is what we came up with. As user of Wordpress hosting solutions, we have tested nearly each highly rated provider. You can find our recommended hosting solutions here.

We buy, test live sites, deal with customer care before recommending anything. Unbiased, well tested reports.

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They are one of most Value for money hosting solution, with top rated Wordpress experts as their customer care. We and none of our clients had any issues with them in last 6 years. 

You choose any of the recommended hosting solution and plan that suits your budget. You will get best of the offers available currently.  Our hosting partners include Bluehost, Siteground, Kinsta and more

As soon as you have purchased your hosting, contact us and we will set it up for you. We test each website so that it is working perfectly. 

Voila, no 3rd step here. 

You will have a properly setup Wordpress with all the required settings and plugins, SSL setup for you. 

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If you buy a premium plan, we will also provide you *free CDN (for first year)  from a premium service provider. 

So, what are you waiting for: Choose your provider here

Here is short list of all that we will do for you!

When you plan to host your own domain, as your website or blog's address, you need to purchase Wordpress hosting. This is a cost to own a blog on Wordpress along with a cost to purchase domain. 

Other than this, you can very well have a fully functional Website with little to no cost. Out set up doesn't come at any extra cost to you.  


It is an absolute delight to work with you guys. My site is getting all green at Google page load insights. Being in loan funding field, this is important that my site loads perfectly. It reduces the cost of lead generation.


D H 


My WooCommerce store is image heavy and I wanted a well designed backend to keep my data transfer costs down. The way you guys set up the image compression without loss of quality as well as storage on low cost CDN has proved to be a boon for last 1 year. 

Online Apparel Store


Needed a fast loading site for my adsense revenue based site. Without breaking my bank. The way you guys set it up for me for ~5k visitors daily and still keeping the total monthly bill below $100 is truly awesome.

Niche Blogger

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