Pros & Cons of Siteground


Jul 23

Siteground – Best for medium traffic websites?

Siteground is one of most popular non-EIG companies to provide WordPress hosting solutions. This review comes from our personal experiences of using their services. There is a reason it forms a part of our recommendation as WordPress hosting solution.

For fairly competitive prices they provide:

  • SSD drives on all hosting plans
  • PHP: Multiple version upto latest version 7.1
  • Free CDN (Cloudflare)
  • Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) – One click activation
  • One click staging (Go Geek plan)
  • Git access (Go Geek Plan)

We at ProBackend are using Siteground for close to 1 1/2 year now. We host around 7 of our medium traffic websites on Siteground. This article is result of our own personal experience of using their services.

Benefits of Siteground

  • Customer Service:  Without any doubt, Siteground provides one of the best customer service that we have seen all around. Their customer reps are knowledgeable, customer oriented with great attitude. This makes dealing with them a breeze.
  • Integrated services:  Most of add on services like CDN, SSL setup are there on cpanel itself. You just need to click on required options and you are good to go. Pretty sleek we must say.
  • Latest version PHP:  They provide PHP upto version 7.1 which along with SSD drives to host their services makes them value service providers with latest technical specifications. This feature alone can speed up loading of your website considerably ( around ~45% increase)
  • Nginx/Apache configuration: They use a mix of Apache and Nginx based servers, which again leads to stable, secure and fast WordPress hosting service.
  • Free WordPress Migrator: This one is latest feature introduced by Siteground. Though they provide a free website transfer, it is limited to single website only. But starting from 20th July 2018, they have introduced a easy to use WordPress website migrator. So for something that other hosting providers charge around $49+ is something you can do for free here. 

Coming back to customer service, we have found that the reason good enough to keep our hosting plan with them. Their support staff is fast, knowledgeable and make extra effort to sort your issue within one interaction. This is a big plus as compared to other hosting companies we have interacted with. 

With the looks of it, the pricing that Siteground offers and features they provides, it looks as if they should be natural choice for every blogger. Isn’t it?

Well there is one problem with their plans. A problem you can’t simply ignore!

Problem with Siteground

Their plans start at good price and mentions unlimited traffic on all the plans. But there is a catch.

Siteground measures their hosting plans in CPU cycles. What does that means?

Whenever you visit a website for fist time, server has to spend a cycle of CPU to generate the page for you by looking into database. Which means more visitors you have, more is the CPU cycle.

Thus, it means, the traffic is unlimited as the pricing says. But it is limited by CPU cycle. And thus the mention of ~25000 visitors. This means that the said CPU cycle limits are going to expire around that number of visitors to your website. 

The other issue, once you touch this limit. You site in not available anymore. Now that is annoying. As even their highest tier plan is not that great about CPU cycle. 


There are couple of ways to keep your CPU cycle usage under check. And they are there in the cpanel itself. 

  1. Enable CDN: When you enable CDN, cloudflare or any other, it serves static assets from CDN servers. This reduces the number of CPU cycle your server has to go through to serve your website. 
  2. Enable Supercacher: This is cache plugin provided by Siteground itself & works quite effectively with their services. 

Even using these two solutions, takes care of CPU cycle usage of your website. The way these plugins are integrated in their system, all it takes it couple of clicks for them to be configured. 

Conclusion – Siteground : recommended

Siteground is one of most technologically adept hosting companies in operation today. They provide latest tech specs for their servers. Which leads to fast loading websites with CDN enabled. 

For any medium traffic website, the value for money they get for such features as well as awesome support staff is too good to ignore. It is only when you have grown your website to levels which is beyond their inherent limitations, you need to look beyond to much better plans. 

Hence, I will say that the quality of service they are providing at this price point makes Siteground totally worth the money you spend on their hosting plans.

Using the link below you get a one-time discount on their hosting package, so I suggest you go ahead and buy 2 year package of their Go Big or Go Geek plan. That way your overall cost of hosting will be taken care of for good 2 years.

Siteground (Discounted Link)