Pro Backend - backend of your WordPress Site

Pro Backend is all about producing results. 

One of the most common concern when you launch your blog or website(psst, we are also good at setting up your site) is how to build traffic to the site. Organic traffic. There are numerous tutorials on the net. They are good and come from practical experiences of writers. But have you tried them and got results? 

It isn’t as smooth as you expected, isn’t it?

Building traffic on a new site with beginner’s budget requires carefully crafted, well tested approach. And it takes sometime. Not a year but can’t be done within couple of weeks too. On top of that, it requires skills in all the areas mentioned in the tutorials. 

This is what we do at ProBackend. We help you in the area where you are not comfortable yet.

Starting a new site? Don’t have time to waste on setting up all the plugins, settings, SEO adjustments, Search console submissions etc. Let us do it for you. 

If you are good at promoting yourself but need a well crafted original content to go along with that. This is what we do for you. 

If you are good at writing content but not at marketing it. Then this is what we do. 

What we do is give you a value for money priced WordPress site based backend solution. Which means we will host your site depending on your current traffic at cheap (but not slow) options, so that you can use the money and resources for actually growing your traffic. 

Then we help our clients in producing original, well written quality content which requires no guessing about prices. 

And from there we work with increasing the reach of your content so that your marketing is in sync with your site’s content. 

Doing all these things on your own, keeping up to date with latest trends and changes is time and energy consuming. 

We do this day in and out and with absolute passion. 

We are boutique solution firm.  As our solutions require dedicated efforts on consistent basis, we undertake predefined number of clients only. Just shoot us a mail and we will get back to you within a day. 

WordPress Set Up
Wordpress setup

We love WordPress. It is fast performing & easy to use. We use it for almost all of our projects. With right setup, WordPress sites can handle huge load with fast page loading speed. 

Another huge advantage WordPress provides is SEO structure.  Without much effort you can have a properly configured website will awesome on-page SEO. 

Content Creation
Wordpress blog setup

Without content, a website is nothing. Our focus for growing traffic is Content Marketing & Link building. 

Once properly targeted content is generated, it is further scanned and evaluated to include traffic building ingredients. 

This content is then amplified with link building steps. Both internally & externally. 

Link Building & Marketing
Content marketing

The next step is creating the corner stone article on your website. 

Then marketing the hell out of it. Seriously. 

Creating content is only first step. More efforts are required to market it and put in it front of as many audience as possible. 

This is done by our highly active and passionate social bees in the team.